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Landscaping work Thrissur
Traditional Kerala home plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
Landscaping work Irinjalakuda
Interior of modern Kerala kitchen design
November 30 - 11 -2014
Interior designing thrissur
Traditional luxury house plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
Interior designing irinjalakuda
4 bedroom luxury villa plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
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Gardening and landscaping have long ceased to be matters that were done to occupy boring afternoons or work. Landscaping is an art, an integral part of the aesthetic appeal of a house; a work that involves design, planning, optimum utilization of space, supervised execution, scientifically backed maintenance techniques. Landscaping involves the use of differing techniques such as hard landscaping (water bodies, planter boxes, pavements, pathways etc), soft landscaping (green lawns, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and outdoor furniture, landscape maintenance.

Landscaping at the most basic form involves a garden outside the home, a green compound that would accentuate the look of the house. The traditional style is to have a large garden in front, with fringe planting at the sides and a smaller kitchen garden at the back for non – flowering plants n bushes for example.

In cottages or villa-styled houses, where the living and private zones are isolated, the separate blocks could be connected by green corridors. Such interior landscaping could even contain water bodies like pools surrounded by pebble beds .A more expensive idea could be a swimming pool and a poolside garden between housing areas.

Retro-styled houses, emerging a dime a dozen nowadays, which have the entire house wrapped around a nadu mittam, can provide avenues for stylish landscaping which can make gardens that almost merge into the rooms, providing a green ambience to the rooms.

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