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Construction works Kerala
Traditional Kerala home plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
Construction works Thrissur
Interior of modern Kerala kitchen design
November 30 - 11 -2014
Construction works Palakkad
Traditional luxury house plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
Construction works Malappuram
4 bedroom luxury villa plan
November 30 - 11 -2014
Construction works Calicut
House finance

A housing loan provides substantial benfits other than providing for your immediate cash crunch.The income tax is deduction is an amount equivalent to the total interest payable on the housing loan from your taxable income within the same financial year. The deductions was offered at Rs 15000 and at present it has enhanced to 1.5 lakhs.The pie does not end here,20% rebate on repayment of principal during a financial year. Over the years the rebate has been enhanced from Rs 10000 to the current limit of Rs20000 stamp duty, registration fee or other such expenses paid for the purpose of transfer of such house property to the assessee is also considered under this amount. Seeing the benefits of taking a home , it is up to you to be wise enough to take advantage of this opportunity. We on our part are approved by several leading bankers like ICICI, HDFC…. to offer you loans through attractive schemes.

The following points are considered before providing a loan

Details of approved plan have been displayed at the site.
The flat has been constructed as per the approved plan.
The promoter/power of attorney has a right to transfer the undivided shares of land.
Verify whether the entire undivided shares of land have been transferred by the land owner/promoter/power of attorney to you.
The completion certificate issued by the CMDA has been obtained after the completion of the building.

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